CWR opens Women’s Month 2021 with report of Filipino Women situation during pandemic

The Center for Women’s Resources presents the plight of Filipino women in different sectors in the time of the COVID-19 global pandemic in Ulat Lila 2021: Filipino Women in the Time of COVID 19, its annual contribution to the commemoration of International Working Women’s Month on March 1, Monday.

On it’s 19th year, Ulat Lila goes online as it discusses the social realities being faced by women during the world’s longest lockdown under the Duterte administration. The lack of concrete, comprehensive, and scientific plan to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, alongside the implementation of multiple neoliberal policies favoring local and foreign corporations, imperialist countries, intensifies the economic and political crisis experienced by women and the people.

Before the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, CWR has reported that already 16 million Filipino women are economically insecure. Women further suffered multiple burdens of ensuring health and education of the family, while seeking means to augment meager income amid loss of jobs and livelihood.

CWR also notes that the current administration has committed grave human rights violations through its militarized lockdowns and relentless suppression of dissent through numerous attacks against rights defenders, activists, individuals and organizations.

The Center for Women’s Resources stands in solidarity with the call to a concrete and comprehensive plan and implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination program and demands regarding human rights, health and livelihood. Everyone is invited to attend the webinar via Zoom and Facebook Live and to know more about the relevant issues concerning women from various sectors of the society in the time of COVID-19 and lockdown.#

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