Ambitious Promises and Agendas: The Status of Filipino Women in the First Year of the Marcos Jr. Administration

July 2023

Women are unquestionably the face of poverty in the Philippines. As a result of the government’s endorsement of the neoliberal framework, the majority of women belong to the poorest strata of society. Every administration, from Marcos Sr. to Marcos Jr., believes that the only way for the Philippines to develop and progress is through neoliberalism. 

Some people who benefit from neoliberalism become rich, but not women workers, farmers, or the poor in rural and urban areas. Foreign firms continue to amass immense profits in our country thanks to neoliberalism, with the support of the bourgeoisie, landlords, and the bureaucracy.

The challenge for women has grown in recent years. The skyrocketing prices of food and other basic products and services contribute to the loss of income and livelihood. Women will be particularly affected if the global capitalist crisis worsens. Hunger, poverty, and violence are all prevalent. No amount of spreading deception and fake news can conceal the people’s crisis and the relentless violation of their rights.

Despite the dire crisis confronting women, Marcos Jr. is busy with senseless and lavish banquets, overseas visits, soliciting foreign investors, looking after cronies, and spreading disinformation and fake news. Despite the country’s record-breaking debt of P14 trillion, Marcos Jr.’s priorities include huge infrastructure projects, strengthening the military, and continued economic liberalization.

In his 8-Point Socioeconomic Agenda, and even in the Philippine Development Plan, there is no concrete plan for the uplifting of the lives of women and the people.

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Women in Southeast Asia: Resisting Militarism, Asserting Sovereignty

Women express their concern about the enhanced interest of the United States (US) in Southeast Asia. They know from experience that US presence in their countries results in intervention and control. They vividly remember Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. And in every intervention, women and children suffer from sexual abuse and violence. As recorded, the US intrusion has spawned an increased militarization and armed conflicts in the Asia-Pacific region, where 80% of victims comprise women and children.

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ULAT LILA | Kalagayan at Paglaban ng Kababaihang Pilipino sa Unang Taon ng Administrasyong Marcos Jr.

Signipikante ang Marso 2023 para sa kababaihan, ang tinaguriang National Women’s Month. Ito ang unang pagkakataon, sa panunungkulan ni Ferdinand Marcos Jr., na mailalantad ng kababaihan ang kanilang kalagayan pagkatapos mailuklok sa puwesto ang anak ng diktador na si Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

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