About the partner

The Earth Journalism Network (EJN) is a global community of environmental journalists, a project of Internews and an implementor of media development activities.

Their main activities include:

  • training and workshops;
  • story grants for journalists;
  • media grants for organizations;
  • Geojournalism platforms;
  • fellowships, eg. Climate Change Media Partnership; and
  • investigative reports and special projects
The impacts of EJN stories around the world.

EJN’s current projects:

  • EJN Asia-Pacific
  • Bay of Bengal Climate Resilience Reporting
  • Investigating Wildlife Trafficking in Europe
  • Climate Change Media Partnership
  • Biodiversity Media Initiative
  • West Africa Fisheries – Ocean Media Initiative
  • GeoJournalism Sites: Third Pole, Mekong Eye, Ekuatorial, InfoPacific, InfoCongo, InfoAmazonia, Oxpeckers +
  • Potential Upcoming Activities
  • Protecting Meso-American Reef in Central America
  • Conservation and Wildlife Journalism in East Africa
  • Journalism Safety and Security
  • Fellowships to Ocean and Biodiversity Summits
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