About Us

Amidst the howls of protest and lamentations of mothers, wives and sisters during the Marcos dictatorship, there sprang in 1982 an institution that would take part in empowering women: the Center for Women’s Resources (CWR).


One of the pioneering institutions for women, CWR aims to empower grassroots women through awareness-raising and supporting their efforts in improving their situation through structural change. Its mission includes:

  • Promoting the full participation of Filipino women in the genuine development of the Philippines society;
  • Responding to specific needs of women from different sectors, particularly the grassroots women by working with institutions, community and voluntary groups concerned with programs for people’s development;
  • Popularizing knowledge on women and development through research and publications in order to effect change in the consciousness of the larger public; and
  • Promoting growth and consolidation of regional women centers and sectoral women organizations.