What we do

Research & Databank

The CWR conducts participatory action researches and surveys on women’s conditions in different sectors and areas. It also gathers macro and micro data on sectoral, national and global developments and issues affecting women. The consolidated data is produced as monographs, fact sheets, and situationers.

Education & Training

The CWR organizes trainings, workshops, and seminars through its Lisa Balando School (LBS), an education program for grassroots women and women’s rights advocates. It offers literacy and numeracy program for women in urban poor and indigenous communities. It also designs modules, manuals, and training tools fit for its target audience.

Advocacy & Campaign

The CWR ensures that its knowledge products such as researches and publications are packaged and disseminated in popular forms. It organizes various activities such as fora, learning sessions and creative presentations, and produces innovative advocacy tools such as audio-video documentaries, comic strips, and infographics. It also coordinates with different networks in schools, local and international non-government organizations, national government agencies, local government units, and media for the promotion of women’s issues.

Library Services

The CWR Library serves as information resource for research to both students and professionals. With over a hundred printed resources, the CWR Library aims to provide access to information about women and other marginalized sectors.