Unite against the return of the Marcoses to Malacanang! Unite for genuine freedom, development, and democracy!

The Center for Women’s Resources joins the commemoration of the 1986 EDSA People Power that led to the fall of the Marcos Dictatorship as we unite to prevent them from returning to Malacanang in the coming National Elections.

Today, we remember those who have been killed, tortured, disappeared, raped, detained, and many others who lost their homes and livelihood during Martial Law. We vow to never forget the attacks against the people, to hold the Marcoses accountable for their ill-gotten wealth, to combat disinformation and historical revision, and to never again allow them to return and maintain power.

The militant and arduous struggle of the Filipino people to defy one of the darkest times in our history remains the legacy of EDSA People Power. Women have stood at the forefront, from the streets to the countryside, to challenge the dictatorship and to assert genuine freedom, development, and democracy.

While the following administrations have maintained power and control to the ruling elites in the guise of democracy, as they continued to be slaves of imperialist masters through neoliberal policies and measures that suppress the people’s democratic rights, EDSA People Power remains to be a reminder of people’s unity and decisiveness to clamor for change.

The same militancy fuels the women and people’s movement until today, in their continued commitment in pursuing genuine social change amid worsening attacks against human rights defenders and the people during the Duterte administration.

In their campaign for the two highest seats in office for the 2022 National Elections, Marcos Jr. spews empty rhetoric on “unity” while Sara Duterte vows to continue what his father has started. Thus, a continuation of ballooning debt, skyrocketing prices, misogyny, rabid human rights violations and failed pandemic response. There is no basis of unity with them when there is no justice to their atrocities.

We call on women and all Filipino people to commemorate People Power by rejecting tyrants, plunderers, and human rights violators, and prevent them from returning to power. We must work hand-in-hand to fight their dirty tricks of disinformation, fraud, and violations especially towards the national elections. Ultimately, we must continue to exercise our right to political participation beyond the 2022 elections.

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