On rising prices

An increase of even a cent in the prices of basic necessities and prime commodities means heavier burden for consumers, who are barely surviving hunger, joblessness, and poverty amid the pandemic. Women, who are often in charge of budgeting for the household needs, suffer the brunt of rising prices of commodities, taking extra jobs to augment their meager income while caring for their families.

The DTI must reconsider this decision, especially that the country’s inflation rate remains at an average of 4.5% for the first months of 2021. Prices of goods, especially food, have remained elevated since last year. The people’s call for Php10,000 cash subsidy for those in need, as well as the Php100 daily wage relief for workers and Php 15,000 agricultural subsidy must be immediately provided. Moreover, economic recovery from the pandemic must be focused on ensuring the needs of the basic sectors, by creating enough jobs, raising wages, supporting agriculture and providing basic social services.

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